About Us

Welcome To My Tools Blog

Hi, I’m Abraham Jewish, the owner and founder of the “My Tools Blog” – the best platform for reviews with buying guides and tutorials on a variety of Tools & Machineries. Here you will get the unbiased reviews of different types of tools. Our professional teams are dedicated to sharing their industry experiences. In fact, they will share different types of DIY project ideas. After all, we are trying to be one of the most informative platforms for the tools users. 

Who Are We?

Actually, we are a group of professionals with huge industry experience. All of our members are experts in tools and machinery. In fact, they love to play with the tools. Here we do not only review different types of tools but we also include the guides on how to use and maintain those. 

How Do We Process?

Well, here we have different types of tools experts such as gardening & landscaping tools, woodworking tools, HVAC tools, and so on. Our experts make the review, guides, and tutorials on their certain fields.  In “My Tools Blog” I am the only editor and publisher of this platform. 

However, our experts review the industry-leading products independently. You should also know that I am also a tools expert with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.