Best Gas Chainsaw for The Money (Unbiased Reviews Buying Guide)

Chainsaw is an effective tool to cut with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain driven along a guide bar. Basically, there are two types of chainsaws out there: Gas-powered chainsaws and Electric or Battery-powered chainsaws. 

Gas-powered chainsaws seem to be more effective and powerful than that of its electric counterparts. Well, it’s really tough to choose a perfect gas chainsaw among a multitude of options. However, not to worry! We are going to review here 5 best gas chainsaws with an effective buying guide. 

5 Best Gas Chainsaw (Reviews) 

There are a lot of gas chainsaws out there in the market. You may get overwhelmed to pick the perfect one. Here you’ll find the best gas chainsaw for the money. In fact, we are going to review some of the best gas chainsaws in the market. Have a closure look on the list.

1. Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The 460 Rancher chainsaw is a robust and powerful tool that needs a longer Bar to perform its jobs. Well, it comes with 60.3 cc 2 cycle engine with air injection as well as the adjustable oil pump. 

Although the chainsaw is compatible with a 24-inch guide bar and chain, you need to buy it separately. However, you will get 2 cycle fuel with this package.

One of the amazing things is that the Husqvarna chainsaw is featured with X-Torq technology that lowers fuel consumption as well as reduces emissions.

Moreover, the chainsaw featured a quick-release air filter that facilitates easy and efficient cleaning. You will also be able to replace the air filter easily and efficiently. 

Alright, it is highly recommended to use the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps and chainsaw helmet for safety purposes. 

2. Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher is surely a perfect chainsaw for homeowners as well as landowners, especially those who require a heavy-duty chainsaw to cut trees or its branches. 

The model features a 55. 5cc 2 cycle engine with an inertia activated chain brake for ensuring safety while operation. It also features an automatic chain oiler that delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil. So it makes sure a safe as well as effective operation.

Moreover, the gas chainsaw is featured with a simple and side-mounted chain tensioning system, which will allow you to adjust the chain quickly and efficiently while operating it.

The gas-powered chainsaw comes with a quick-release air filter that makes the cleaning as well as replacement process easier.  

The Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher chainsaw is also featured with the x-torque technology. So the engine consumes less fuel and reduces emissions.

However, you should use chainsaw chaps, gloves, and helmets for safe operation. 

3. Makita EA4300F RDB 16” 42 CC Chainsaw

The Makita  EA4300FRDB is one of the best mid-sized chainsaws that is engineered with professional features. The crankcase of this chainsaw is made out of industrial 2-sided magnesium that reduces its weight as well as increases its durability. 

It comes with a spring-assisted starter system that boasts optimized engine management. So it requires minimal force to get started. In other words, you will be able to easily and fastly start the engine. 

For your safety, the EA4300F40B features a two-point inertia/mechanical chain brake. Apart from that, the chainsaw comes with metal spike bars that enhance its durability.

4. ECHO 20 in. Timber Wolf 59.8 cc Gas Chainsaw

Well,  Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 chainsaw is surely a heavy-duty saw. It really boasts an impressive design.

Although It’s much lighter in weight, it’s heavy-duty in performance. The chainsaw runs on a 59.8 cc engine. And the engine has a 21.8 fl. Ounces of fuel capacity. Moreover, it has a 10.1 fl. Ounces of oil capacity. In fact, it is compatible with both the 18-inches or 20-inches bar. 

Overall, it’s a great tool both in terms of power, performance and quality. So if you are looking for a heavy-duty chainsaw to perform your cutting task, then it would be really a great option for you. 

5. Remington RM4216 Gas-powered Chainsaw

Have you been looking for a budget-friendly gas-powered chainsaw? If so, then the Remington RM4216 Gas-powered Chainsaw is a perfect option for sure. 

The Remington RM4216 is featured with a 42cc 2-cycle reliable gas powered engine that delivers enough power to cut the trees or its branches.  It also comes with a low-kickback 16-inch bar as well as chain tames that make it perfect for medium to large-sized branches. To be more specific, it is a great option for the suburban homeowners.

One of the amazing things is that the chainsaw offers comfortable operation, thanks to its 5-point anti-vibration system. Apart from that, it features a cushion wrap handle that makes sure more comfort and balance while operating.

Another impressive thing is that it is featured with the QUICKSTART TECHNOLOGY that makes sure easier starting.  Besides that, the model features ADJUSTABLE AUTOMATIC OILER that keeps the chain quality condition always good.

Moreover, this Remington RM4216 is easy to maintain as it offers tool-free access to filter and spark plug. For your convenience, the model includes a carrying case. So you will be able to carry it with ease. 

Buyers’ Guide:

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Gas Powered Chainsaw

When it comes to choosing a gas-powered chainsaw, you’ll surely look for some of the important features. Let’s have a look at the considerations. 

The Length of Guide Bar (Blade)

This is one of the most important features you should consider when buying a gas chainsaw. Want to know why? Well, the length of the guide bar, as well as the chain, will determine how thick of a piece of wood you can cut. 

In fact, it can affect the types of woodcutting projects you can perform. To be more precise, you should choose the length of the guide bar depending on your project, for instance, slicing up firewood, taking down trees as well as cutting down branches, and so on.

Alright, the guide bar may also be known as the “blade”. And this blade spins around the materials to cut it depending on your needs. 

Guide bars are available in a variety of lengths.  However, you will likely find a range between 12 to 72 inches in terms of gas chainsaws.  

Basically, a guide bar size between 12 to 20 inches is perfect for homeowners. On the other hand,  a professional-grade chainsaw guide bar should be above 20 inches.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate size chainsaw for your tree projects, then you need to choose a chainsaw blade that is at least 2” longer than the wood you want to cut. 

Here are common gas chainsaw lengths and their associated tasks:

20 to 24 inches — Felling large trees and slicing thicker logs

16 to 18 inches — Cutting up firewood and felling small trees

12 to 14 inches — Pruning and trimming branches

Oiler Type

Well, there are three types of oilers out there: Manual Oiler, Automatic Oiler (Fixed Flow), Automatic Oiler (Adjustable Flow). I do prefer the Automatic Oiler (Adjustable Flow) over others. 

Let’s see how each type of oiler works:

Manual Oiler There is a button to oil the bar as well as the chain. And you need to control the amount of lubrication when the oiling happens.

Automatic Oiler (Fixed Flow)  It features the self-oiling system that delivers a constant flow of lubrication to the components of the chainsaw. However, the lubrication flow may not be increased or decreased.

Automatic Oiler (Adjustable Flow)It also comes with a self-oiling system that also allows you to increase or decrease the amount of lubrication. 

Chain Brake System

The most cautious chainsaw operator may experience a “kickback”. Do you know what kickback is? Well, kickback is the sudden rotation of the chainsaw blade towards the operator, which can result in an accidental cut in the upper body region, including the face.

It may occur when the tip of the chain gets caught on a hard object or when the chain gets caught between the wood while cutting.

A chain brake is a safety mechanism that prevents the chain from rotating on kickback and it is available in two types: Manual and Inertia Activated.

Let’s see how each type of chain brake works:

Manual Chain Brake The chain stops rotating when physical contact is made with a wide bar in front of the upper handlebar. Basically, this bar hits your wrist to activate the chain brake.

Inertia-Activated Chain BrakeThe chain will stop spinning when it encounters a sudden upward force from the bar. It works through an internal mechanism and does not require physical contact to activate the chain brake.

Both types of chain brakes are safe for operating a gas-powered chainsaw; however, an Inertia-Activated Chain Brake is the more advanced option of the two. This added feature does often increase the price of the chainsaw.

Both types are safe, however, it is better to opt for inertia activated chain brake for the gas-powered chainsaw.

Chain Tensioner Type

There are two popular types of chain tensioners: Scrench Chain Tensioner and Tool-Less Chain Tensioner. I prefer the Tool-Less ChainTensioner type as it’s easy to use. 

But, here’s how each method works:

Scrench Chain Tensioner In this case, you need to use a special tool named  “scrench,” which is a combination of the wrench as well as screwdrivers. It is used to turn a screw or bolt to loosen or tighten the chains. 

Tool-Less Chain Tensioner In this case, you don’t need any tool to perform tensioning. With a knob, the chain tensioning can be adjusted. That’s why it is known as the tool-less chain tensioner.  

Bucking Spikes

When you buy a gas chainsaw, you are likely to be doing some serious woodwork. Because of this, bucking spikes are surely a good thing to consider.

Bucking spikes are sharp metal spikes that are attached to the body of the chainsaw. And these are located at the base of the saw blade. 

It is much easier to cut thick trees with the Bucking Spikes. And it also helps to perform straighter cuts. Moreover, it provides protection against kickback.

FAQs on the best gas chainsaws

Why should I use a Gas Chainsaw?

If you’re a fan of a gas-powered chainsaw and decided to buy one, then you may skip this section. But if you have any confusion yet, then please read this section very carefully.

The information below will help you better understand the top benefits you’ll enjoy with the best gas-powered chainsaw.

Power The Gas-powered chainsaws are the most powerful type over others.  you can buy. The chain of a gas chain saw spins faster and it cuts through wood at a faster rate.

Guide Bar Length These chainsaws are available in all sorts of lengths. You can choose the model that comes with the perfect guide bar as well as the chain depending on your needs. A gas chainsaw can even come with the longest blade: 72 inches or 6 feet!

Portability  The gas-powered chainsaws are portable enough to carry whenever you want.  It’s very easy to use. And it doesn’t require any extension cord or other power source. You can simply use it by fueling it up. 

Safety  We have mentioned earlier that gas chainsaws are more powerful. And the more convenient thing is that these offer more advanced safety features to keep their users protected. Some models feature an Inertia-Activated Chain Brake that stops the chain from spinning when a kickback occurs. Overall, it offers more safety features than others. 

More Features As gas chainsaws are the most popular type, they surely offer a variety of impressive features. So you will be able to find a model that meets your particular needs.  

Is Gas Chainsaw safe to use?

Well, it is safe to use. But there is a little bit of safety concern. So you should use safety wear while operating it. More specifically, you need to use safety goggles, helmets, gloves, jackets, and so on.


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