How to use a table saw safely (The Complete Guidelines)

You should always be careful while using power tools. In fact, you must be careful while using a table saw as its blade rotates at around 4000 RPM (Revolution Per Minute). So if you own a powerful table saw or just plan to purchase one, you need to know how to use a table saw safely.

To be honest, I’m really serious about the safety of those who work with the table saw. A study shows that nearly 80% of injuries involving power saws happen for table saws. So you must have to be confident while using a table saw. Let’s learn the tricks.

The table saw cutting techniques are outlined below:

Here are some important things that you should consider while operating a table saw safely and properly.

1. Use All the Safety Equipment

Most of the table saws come with the blade guard. However, you have to make sure that your table saw is incorporated with a blade guard. Alright, once your table saw features a blade guard, you have to be determined to use this to make sure of your own safety.

If you are experienced enough, then you can partially remove certain safety equipment to make comfortable cuts. However, always make sure that the blade is installed perfectly as this prevents kickback as well as serious injuries. After all, you must have to use all the safety equipment while using a table saw.

2. Use a Robust Push Stick

Nearly 90% of all table saw injuries happen due to contact with the blade. So it’s really important to use a robust push stick to prevent your hands from getting injured.

3. Always Use a Fence or Miter Gauge While Making Cuts

A table saw must come with a rip fence that prevents kickback. In fact, a rip fence will guide you to cut the materials precisely. More specifically, it will guide the blade at a perfect angle. After all, you must have to use a rip fence to make a rip cut.

In the same way, you need to use a miter gauge to make a cross-cut. If the miter gauge is not available with your table saw, then you should purchase it separately. A miter gauge is highly effective to make perfect miter cuts on the table saw.

4.Visualize & Practice Cuts Before You Make Them

You need to practice a lot to get used to with the table saw. You know a table saw is one of the riskiest tools to work with. However, there is no need to worry. You just need to make yourself an expert. And always try to use the table saw with high safety as well as a precaution.

In fact, the more you will practice, the more you will learn. You will even become more experienced with better practice.

5. Always Be Serious

Whether you are an expert or not, always be serious while operating a table saw. Basically, most of the mishaps caused owing to the lack of seriousness. So try to use the table saw as an expert.

6. Always Wear Eye & Ear Protection

We already mentioned it earlier that you must have to use all the safety equipment. Again I’d like to mention that never forget to wear eye and ear protection. To be more specific, you should wear safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, and so on.


Please read the safety manuals to get used to with the table saw. Most importantly, must follow the above guides to use a table saw safely. After all, do not compromise with safety. Because safety is first to lead a happier life. And stay connected with us to get the most useful tools guides as well as unbiased reviews.

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